Verve Debit Card (NGN)

The Unity Bank Verve debit card gives customer access to funds in account anywhere in Nigeria. It can be use to make purchases for goods and services at local merchant outlets (POS, Web) and cash withdrawals at any ATM displaying the Interswitch/Verve logo within Nigeria. The Unity Bank Verve Card is the perfect card to use for bill payments, Phone recharge purchases and much more with QuickTeller.com


  • Naira denominated Card
  • 3 years validity period
  • For local transactions (within Nigeria)
  • CHIP & PIN secured. Every transaction requires input of 4-digit PIN.


  • 24 hours access to funds on ATM, POS and WEB within Nigeria.
  • All customers’ accounts can be linked to one card to enable accessibility to funds on any account type.
  • Reduces the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash.
  • Secured and reliable.
  • Cash back on all purchases


  • Active Current or Savings Account