Unity Credit Card

Product Description

·         The Credit Card is secured with cash collateral (75% of fixed deposit) or salary account domiciliation

·         The Credit Card is Naira denominated

·         The Credit Card is revolving with 3 years’ validity

·         The Credit Card has a 45 days’ cycle with 10 days’ interest free period

·         The Credit Card has a fixed Interest rate of 3.5% monthly on outstanding balance

·         The Credit Card is available on Standard and Platinum variant

·         The Credit Card is enabled for local transactions on ATM, POS and WEB.




          Opportunity to build a good credit history for future lending.

          Convenience of repayments with our local currency (=N=)

          Global acceptability of MasterCard

          Card acts as a bridge for short term cash flow gap.

          Interest is charged only on outstanding balance

          Customers are expected to only pay at least 10% of monthly repayment


Customers must have a Unity Bank salary account or a Fixed Deposit account.