• Energy & Waste Conservation

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  • Energy & Waste Conservation

    For us at Unity Bank, we believe that making a sustainable impact is a function of continuous reduction in our environmental footprint. The Bank has adopted various energy saving initiatives to accomplish more with fewer resource We focus on minimizing wastes disposed in landfills, increasingly procuring renewable energy sources, and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions along our journey.

    • We have adopted the use of e-signature and printer count system to reduce the use of paper in our locations
    • .We invested in energy saving and timed sensor bulb to reduce energy waste in various locations.
    • We have significantly reduced local and international travel, conducting more engagement virtually.
    • We likewise support flexible working of some secondary function staff to reduce impact of pressure on our roads.
    • In addition, the Bank collaborates with strategic value chain partners to offer an end-to-end waste management process which includes waste collection, waste logistics, and conversion of waste into resources. This ensures that waste collected is disposed sustainably and does not end up in a landfill.
    • From adopting alternative energy sources in some of our branches and to power some of our ATM — we consider environmental performance integral to sustainable business performance.
    • We are accelerating our ambitions through intermediate and long-term initiatives and projects that aligns with the Nigeria Sustainable Banking Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals. To promote recyclability, we sensitize the 3 Rs –Reduce, Reuse, recycle to all Staff to help to cut down on the amount of waste we dispose.
  • Our People

    At Unity Bank, we continuously ensure that our workforce is diverse, inclusive and highly motivated to achieve success in their roles. From our newest recruits to our experienced professionals and senior leadership, we offer capacity building programs tailored to help them meet the growing responsibilities linked to our evolving business.

    • We take enormous pride in supporting our employees to fulfil their potential through offering of financial support, mental support and professional support To develop a culture of sustainability in the Bank, we regularly have internal sensitization on the Bank’s sustainability focus areas, our initiatives and ongoing projects. We ensure everyone in the organization understands how their role and how it aligns with the sustainability strategy.
    • To ensure we maintain a steady stream of entry-level professionals, we offer the Graduate trainee program, a highly selective program for male and female recent university graduates. Participants who successfully complete the 12 weeks program in the training center in Kaduna are posted to designated department according to their qualification and the need of the Bank. The top candidates are rewarded with cash prices to encourage performance.
    • In addition to supporting recent graduates, we prepare the new generation to be workforce ready through our Unity Bank Internship program. We offer opportunities for young undergraduates in technology, administration, operations, marketing, risk management, and other areas, to complete their IT placement and to achieve a broader understanding of the financial market.
    • We also offer our employees competitive remuneration. To do so, we benchmark the compensation we offer against industry average and ensure our employees are compensated.
  • Partnerships

    For Unity Bank, it is important to build strong partnerships with various stakeholders to secure development towards our sustainability goals, the NSBP, while also contributing to the development of global sustainability challenges. We partner with federal and state government, local communities, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and other private companies, working towards mutual benefits related to sustainability goals. We believe that through collaboration and idea sharing we can partner to achieve a more sustainable future.