Unity Yanga is a bundled and easy to open woman-centric retail product that comes with a customized debit card. It’s unique benefit allows women in the mass market segment (in rural and urban locations in Nigeria) access micro loans, health insurance, investments and training/ capacity building. 

(Terms and Conditions apply)


- Savings & investment

- Agency banking (Can be enrolled with customers consent)

- Capacity building engagement  

- Dedicated sales agent

- Medical Insurance

- Zero Account opening 

- Cards are issued automatically 

- Interest paid on balances at regulatory rates

- Maximum transaction limit of N50,000 

- Maximum balance of N300,000 on account

Target Audience

- Women in the critical mass market:

- Rural entrepreneurs and low-income earning urban dwellers who can be either farmers or processors 

- Women in registered associations in Nigeria, including but not limited to:

            a. Market Women Association

            b. Fashion Designer Association of Nigeria Apparel

            c. Traders and women business owners


- Customers are required to open  a tier 1 savings account

- Obtain a unity1 form or visit the Yanga account opening link https://Yanga.unitybankng.com for immediate account opening and electronic channel enrolment

- Electronic channel enrolment is available at customer’s request

- Account can be upgraded to  Tier 3 with complete KYC

(Terms and Conditions Apply)

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