*7799# CONVENIENT BANKING is a short code service that allows customers (account holders and non accountholders) to access banking services with their mobile phones irrespective of the Telecommunication  service provider, phone type or location. 

For a convenient way to bank dial *7799#

Features available on *7799#

  • Account opening
  • Airtime recharge
  • Add Account
  • Balance enquiry
  • Bills payment
  • BVN verification
  • Fund Transfer
  • PIN change.


  • It provides a secure and a convenient way to transact with the bank
  • It saves cost and time
  • Compatible to all kinds of mobile phone
  • It is reliable and easy to use.
  • It provides convenient financial services to customers ( Airtime purchase, transfer money, check balance, request for BVN and  pay for DSTV, GOTV, Electricity)

Unity Bank's USSD Short Code Strings

*7799*403*Bet9ja ID*amount# - Bet9ja Wallet funding 

*7799*Amount# - Self recharge 

*7799*Phoneno*amount# - Third party recharge 

*7799*1*accountno*amount# - Transfer to Unitybank 

*7799*2*accountno*amount# - Transfer to Other banks 

*7799*0# - Balance enquiry 

*7799*5# - BVN verification 

*7799*9*phone number# - Block account 

*7799*000*RefID# - USSD on POS 

*7799*8*Amount# - Cardless withdrawal

Short Code Strings for DSTV Subscription

*7799*32*Smart card no*1# - Access (2000) 

 *7799*32*Smart card no*2# - Compact (6800) 

 *7799*32*Smat card no*3# - Compact Plus (10650) 

 *7799*32*Smart card no*4# - Family (4000) 

 *7799*32*Smart card no*5# - Premium (15800) 

Short Code Strings for GoTv Subscription

*7799*33* Smart card no*1# - Gotv Lite (400) 

 *7799*33* Smart card no*2# - Gotv Max (3200) 

 *7799*33* Smart card no*3# - Gotv Plus (1900) 

 *7799*33* Smart card no*4# - Gotv Value (1250) 

Short Code Strings for Eko Electricity Distribution Prepaid

*7799*4*meter no*amount# 

Short Code Strings for Ikeja Electricity Prepaid

*7799*5*meter no*amount#