Unity Bank shall implement the necessary capabilities to ensure the continuity of its critical business functions in the midst of serious disruptive incidents or disasters and to ensure the recovery of such critical functions to an operational state within acceptable timeframes.

Unity Bank’s Executive Leadership shall be committed to developing the business continuity capability as a strategic asset comprising adequate resources and capabilities; including approvals of appropriate budget where required to achieve the required Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

The Business Continuity (BC) Policy shall ensure that clear roles and responsibilities are assigned to various stakeholders within the Bank to ensure effective collaboration in order to achieve the Business Continuity goals and objectives

The BC Policy shall be hosted on the intranet and shall be accessible to all employees within the Bank

The BC Policy formalizes the relationship between business continuity and technology

The BC Policy shall ensure that proactive arrangements are made to recover or restore critical business functions in the case of disaster

The BC Policy shall ensure that applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements are identified and tracked for compliance

The Scope, boundaries and exclusions to the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) are defined in this document

The criteria for the type and scale of incident to be addressed is covered in the Incident Management Plan.

Unity Bank shall establish, maintain, test and validate the capability and readiness to cope effectively with any incidents and disasters that may occur.

Unity Bank shall conduct internal and external audits in relation to business continuity.

Unity Bank shall be committed to the continual improvement of business continuity management within the enterprise.