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List of Unity Bank Bad Debtors

UnityBank MasterCard
Infrastructure Bank
Public mass transit revolving fund scheme
Lagos State Payments

The bank engages in various types of international payment activities on behalf of our customers. Our Foreign operations department handles our customer’s foreign trade through our correspondent banks.

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  We are a wholly-owned Nigerian bank duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
  UnityBank is also registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC of Nigeria with registration no. RC 94524
  UnityBank is not an affiliate of any other bank anywhere in the world and does not have any banking subsidiaries outside Nigeria
  UnityBank firmly dissociates itself with any bank in any part of the world bearing a similar name.
  UnityBank Plc urges its correspondent banks, local and international business partners to dissolve any insinuation whatsoever about its affiliation or association with any other bank bearing a similar name in any part of the world