double edge

Double Edge Savings account

This account combines features of both current and savings accounts and can be used as collateral for a loan.


-          Combines features of savings and current account

-          Non-clearing customised cheque.

-          Opening and minimum operating balance of N20,000 for individuals and N50,000 for corporate bodies.


-          Cheque and dividend warrant lodgments allowed.

-          Interest bearing at normal saving s rate.

-          COT free

-          Collateral for borrowing

-          Instant access to electronic banking

-          Facilities (Internet Banking, ATM, SMS Alerts).

-          On-line withdrawal /deposit from any of our branches.

-          Allows withdrawals by third party but subject to maximum of N50,000 (may be reviewed to N150,000 based on popular demand).

You can easily link your BVN to your account


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