Not valid for FX Transactons

These are imports made by customers but funds for payment for such imports are not sourced through or from the bank. These are paid for from customers domiciliary accounts. Same documents required for other forms of imports are also relevant here.

Not Valid for FX is can be done by opening Form “M” with supporting documents such as insurance certificate and other regulatory approval required for the purpose of importation e.g. SON Product Certificate, NAFDAC import permit, DPR permit etc.


  • Payment can be made via domiciliary account
  • No bank (importer) to bank (exporter) documentation is required as the case of LC and Bills for Collection


  • Original shipping documents submitted can be used to process Pre-Arrival Risk Assessment Report(PAAR)
  • Customer can access up to USD250,000.00 per annum forex purchase for non-regulatory products

You can easily link your BVN to your account


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