Invisible Transactions

We also make payments for our customers for services rendered to them. These include but not limited to:

Type of Payment

Required Documents

Personal Travel Allowance(PTA)

Valid International passport, Visa and international return or one way ticket as applicable. Allowable limit is USD 4,000 or its equivalent per quarter.

Business Travel Allowance(BTA)

Valid International passport, Visa and return air ticket, Letter of Request from Corporate body stating purpose of visit, Certificate of business registration. Allowable limited is USD 5,000 or its equivalent per quarter.

Education outside Nigeria

Duly completed 'Form A' Valid International passport , Letter of admission/enrolment, current school bill, photocopy of first degree certificate (for postgraduate studies)

Medical Travel

Duly completed 'Form A', Valid International passport, Visa and air tickets, Letter issued by the overseas hospital stating the cost of treatment, Letter of reference from a specialist doctor or hospital in Nigeria

Utility Payments

Approved 'Form A', Letter of request from applicant, Utility Bill/demand note, Tenancy or mortgage agreement (copy) as may be applicable,

Subscriptions for magazine, periodicals

Duly completed 'Form A', Invoice/Debit note

Service charge for repairs of
machinery and equipments in Nigeria

Duly completed 'Form A', service agreement, evidence that service s were rendered locally including hotel bills, copies of relevant pages of passport and air tickets of foreign experts, certificate of satisfactory completion of the job, demand note from beneficiary.

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