Our bank does provide expert services to our export customers.

The following are required:

a) Duly completed NXP Form
b) Original Pro-forma Invoice (PFI), dated within the last 3 months.
c) The Proforma Invoice must show Names and Addresses of both importer and the exporter and the Amount to be exported.
d) A copy of Nigeria Export Promotion Council registration Certificate
e) A copy of Certificate of Incorporation (As evidence of Company registration)
f) Evidence/Receipt for payment of NESS FEES.
Domiciliary Account for the expected Inflow

After export must have been done, the following documents are required:

a) Evidence of inspection of goods before shipment.
b) Shipping documents including:
....... i. Bill of lading
....... ii. Commercial Invoice
....... iii. Packing list
....... iv. Name of Collecting Bank and BIC to forward shipping documents to and further inquiries.

Note that export can be of two categories which are Export Letters of Credit or Bills for Collection:

For Export Letters of Credit, an LC must be initiated from the importers Bank where terms and conditions of the LC must be indicated.
For Export on Bills for Collection basis this will be based on simple agreement between both importer and exporter.

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