western union

Western Union (Receive)

Western Union is an International Money Transfer Organisation with a global network of 500,000 local agents worldwide that has been operating for the past 160 years. Unity Bank runs on the newly deployed Western Union Point-of-Sale (WUPOS) web-based application. This service enables international funds transfer from foreign countries to a beneficiary in Nigeria in local currency and Nigerians can also send money abroad. For every transfer received in a Unity Bank branch, the beneficiary receives a complimentary gift item.


  • Pay-out in Naira denomination only.
  • Pin pad-enabled liquidation process to ensure the transaction is secured to the beneficiary. 
  • Nigerians can send money abroad.


  • No charge to the beneficiary.


  • Receive money within 10 minutes from anywhere in the world
  • Absolutely free... No charges
  • Receive money without necessarily opening/owning an account with the bank.
  • Enjoy personalised and excellent customer service, in line with our policy of giving our customers a delightful and memorable service experience.
  • Free gift item for every transaction. 


  • A valid ID (Driver's Licence , International Passport ,National ID Card, Bank Verification Number (BVN) or Voters card)
  • Reference Number, as provided by the sender
  • Sender's details
  • Receiver's details

You can easily link your BVN to your account


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