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Platinum Debit Mastercard (USD)


The Unity Bank Platinum Debit MasterCard is a dollar denominated premium debit card linked online real-time to the customer’s domiciliary account. All transactions done using the Platinum Debit MasterCard are reflected on the account instantly. The  Unity Bank Platinum Debit MasterCard offers premium benefits to the cardholder  with preferential treatments and rewards, higher transaction limits, and access to exclusive products and clubs by partner organizations.


       Dollar denominated

       Higher transaction limits

       3 years validity period

       Globally accepted in over 270 countries and millions of merchant location

       CHIP & PIN secured


       24 hours access to funds on ATM, POS and WEB within and outside Nigeria

       Increased withdrawal and transaction velocity limit

       Simpler, safer and secured means of making payments

       Access to discount at specific hotels, restaurant and retail stores worldwide: Information can be obtained on MasterCard Moments Website -


       Active Domiciliary Account



You can easily link your BVN to your account


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