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UnityBank Cards

How long does it take to receive a prepaid card?

Your new card will be available for pick up at your requesting branch within 5 working days. However we also offer the non-personalized card which can be picked up instantly at any of our branches.

What should I do when I receive my prepaid card?

Simply load funds on your card and it will be activated immediately.

How do I load funds on my prepaid card?

You can load your card with cash at any of our branches

Can I still use my prepaid card after the loaded funds have been exhausted?

Your prepaid card is a reloadable card. You can add funds by reloading at any of our branches or transferring funds into it until the card expires.

What is a Debit Card?

The Unity Debit Card is a payment card that represents an electronic means of withdrawing money from your bank account or making purchases with the money in your bank account. The Unity Debit Card can be used on UnityBank ATMs and other banks’ ATMs. It can also be used for online transactions and on POS terminals.

How do I get a Debit Card?

Visit any Unity Bank Branch and the Customer Service Officer will provide you with an application form. You also have the option of visiting our website www.unitybankng.com and visit the Customer Care page to download the application form.

How much do I pay to get the Debit Card?

The Debit Card is provided at the cost of N1000.00 (One Thousand Naira) only

Are there transaction charges for using the Debit Card?

Yes. There may be some transaction charges for using the Debit Card depending on your location.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

You can withdraw a maximum of:
  • Cash Withdrawal from ATM – N150, 000.00
  • POS – N500, 000.00
  • WEB – N100, 000.00

When I insert my Debit Card in the ATM and it displays the message "Card cannot be Read…"

This means that the chip on the card chip may have been corrupted. Return the card to the Customer Service Unit of your branch and request for a new one.

If the ATM displays the message "Incorrect PIN"?

It means you have inputted a wrong PIN. If you cannot remember your correct PIN, request for a PIN reset.

I have forgotten my Debit Card PIN

Submit a request for a new PIN at any of our Branches or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I have lost my Debit Card

Contact the Customer Care or your Branch to hotlist the Card thereby preventing unauthorized transactions and request for a new one

My Debit Card has the wrong Name on it?

Please return the card to your Branch to be issued with a new one.

Used my Debit Card to make withdrawal, account was debited and money not dispensed?

Please hold on for 24 hours and if the money is not reversed, kindly visit any of our branches to fill a dispense error form for resolution.

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Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is a real time solution that enables you access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who can use Internet Banking?

All Unity Bank corporate and individual account holders.

How much does it cost to get internet banking?

It is free.

What can a customer do with Internet Banking?

All customers can check account balances, view account statements, view and download transaction history for various accounts, transfer funds, buy airtime, pay bills and much more.

What infrastructure has to be in place?

All you need is a personal computer, Laptop, Tablet/Ipad  or other device that is connected to the internet.

How can I get the Internet Banking service?

You can download the form from our website: www.unitybankng.com. The forms are also available at all our branches. Fill and submit the forms at any of our branches or scan and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will be set up in less than 5 minutes and your login details will be sent to your mailbox. Check your mail for your user id and password will be sent in two separate mails.

What are the charges associated with using internet banking?

There are no charges, except for online fund transfers. Unity to Unity transfers attract no charges. A transfer from a Unity account to other banks will attract a minimum charge of N100.00 or more, depending on the amount you are transferring.

Can I make offshore transfers from my Internet Banking

Yes. As long as you have an Internet connectivity.

How secure is Internet Banking?

The latest electronic encryption technology ensures the safe transfer of information over the internet. You will be required to create your own password

Who/where can funds be transferred to?

Funds can be transferred to any Account in Unity Bank or any other Bank in Nigeria.

I checked my email but did not see any login details?

Please check you junk/spam mail folders to confirm that the email was not sent. If no mail is seen, please contact Unity Contact Centre on 07080666000 or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the nearest Unity Bank branch to receive new login details.

What is a True Stamp?

This is a new and unique security feature which allows you customize your login page and confirm that you are on the authentic Unity Bank Online website.

Where do I put the phone number for airtime recharge?

On the “Bills” menu, enter the beneficiary phone number in the “Bill Reference” field.

How do I access the new online banking platform?

The most secure way to access the online banking site is through the Unity Bank website at www.unitybankng.com

I cannot remember my password, what do I do?

You may reset your password using the “Forgot Password” link just above your True Stamp on the login page

I got a message that my account has been disabled, after providing an answer to a security question; what do I do?

This occurs where the security questions are not answered correctly. Please contact Unity Contact Centre on 07080666000, or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that your security questions can be reset.

How do I synchronize my token?

Under the “Self-Service” menu, click on “Token Synchronization”, press the button on your token and enter the displayed code in the response 1 field, repeat for response 2 and click on “Synchronize.

How do I download my e-statements?

Click on “Download” under the accounts menu and select the duration for the statement you wish to download. (Please note that for optimal performance of this service, Internet Explorer 8 is required but preferably, you can download the csv file format from all types of browser)

How do I check previous transactions from the old platform?

Click on “Activity” under the accounts menu to check you transactions, you may select the duration for the activities you wish to view.

I was prompted to choose 4 questions at initial login, why?

The questions represent 2 password questions to be used for password self-reset, using the Forgot Password link, and another 2 security questions for intelligent authentication i.e. challenge questions to confirm account ownership when it is assessed from an unusual system, device or geographical location.

I tried logging into my account and received a message that I have been locked out, please help?

Your account was locked out because there had been 3 failed login attempts. Please contact Unity Contact Centre on 07080666000, or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the nearest Unity Bank branch to unlock your account. Do not respond to suspicious email links or calls demanding that you update your account in order not to get locked out.

How do I check my account balance?

Click on “Accounts” on the menu tiles, then click on “Activity” to view your account balance.

The email/ phone number reflecting on the online banking platform is incorrect, what do I do?

You can update your email through the “Self Service” page, by clicking on “Maintain Customer Information”, editing your details and authenticating the change with your token.

Where can I view my transaction history?

Click on “Activity” under the accounts menu to check your transactions, you may select the duration for the activities you wish to view.

How do I recharge a phone?

Click on “Bills”, select the account and select “Mobile Recharge” under the category, enter the beneficiary phone number under “Bill Reference” field, and authenticate with a token.

How do I renew my Post-Paid subscription bills?

Click on “Bills”, select the account and select “Phone Bills” under the category, enter the Post-paid phone number under “Bill Reference” field, and authenticate with a token.

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UnityMobile Application

What is UnityMobile?

The UnityMobile application is a phone based EFT application that allows subscribers make use of their Mobile phones for banking transactions such as funds transfers, balance enquiries, purchase of airtime, bills payment etc.

Do I need to have an account with Unity Bank before I can use the UnityMobile?

Yes.UnityMobile is restricted to Unity Bank Account holders only.

What Information do I need to configure UnityMobile on my phone?

Upon successful download/installation of the application on your phone, you will need to set up your account by supplying the below details:
  • Your phone number
  • Your account number (Nuban)
  • Set a memorable word (password)
  • Mobile carrier e.g MTN, GLO, etc.

Can I make funds transfer to an account in another bank?


Is it user friendly?

The application is user friendly and easy to use.

What memory space do I need on my phone to be able to install the Unity Mobile?

The application size is less than 100KB

How much am I charged when I make transfers between accounts?

Transfers to an account within Unity Bank attracts no charge while transfers to an account in another bank costs N100/N250 only, depending on the volume of transaction.

How much am I charged when I buy airtime?

You are only charged for the amount of the airtime purchased

What other services are free on the platform?

Balance enquiry Mini statement (last 5 transactions) Pin change

How much am I charged on SMS?

SMS costs N10 However, the latest version download will cost you N10 per transaction.

Is Unity Mobile restricted to a particular location or region?

No. Unity Mobile can be used anywhere in Nigeria once there is network service on your phone.

How many times can I use the application in a day?

You can use the application as many times as you want daily.

What is the maximum amount that I can transfer?

The maximum that can be transferred via Unity Mobile is N500,000.00 per day.

If I misplace my phone, what happens to my account?

All transactions on Unity Mobile require the subscriber’s memorable word and PIN. Thus, even if an unauthorized person has possession of your phone, he cannot make any transaction on the Unity Mobile unless he knows your PIN and memorable word.

How safe is the application?

All transactions on Unity Mobile are PIN protected and the network over which the transactions are carried out is triple Des secured. The application uses same security as the ATM.

Account verification failed

Cause: Subscriber’s account is either in debit or having a restriction on it. Solution: Fund account or get the restriction lifted, then try to resynchronize again.

You have not been able to do any transaction

Cause: This subscriber has not been activated, either at 1st level or at 2nd level. Solution: Get subscriber’s profile activated

‘Your PIN change was not successful, please check your entries’

Cause: Unity Mobile server has not accepted your PIN change Solution: Retry PIN change, enter default pin received as ‘old pin’ enter new 4 digit numbers as ‘new pin’ retype ‘new pin’ and enter your memorable word. Send the request and wait for the message “your PIN change was successful” which means that the request was successful and your new PIN is now valid.
  • If subscriber is using dual SIM phone, take out the 2nd SIM and retry
  • Do not change either ‘account to use’ or ‘account type’ menu while changing PIN.

‘Unable to credit destination account, funds will be rolled back’

Cause: The beneficiary Bank’s gateway is down at that moment. Solution: Wait and try later.

‘Financial Institution could not authorize this transaction….’

Cause: Unity Bank application could not be reached; hence query on the user account could not be processed. Solution: Wait and try again later.

The ‘xyz’ account failed verification

Cause: Beneficiary bank could not be reached at that moment. Solution: Wait and try again later.

‘Financial Institution denied access’

Cause: Unity Bank application is temporary down or busy Solution: Wait and try again later.

‘Invalid memorable word’

Cause: User supplied a wrong memorable word while attempting to access the application. Solution: The ONLY way out is to uninstall UnityMobile from your phone and reinstall again using same details, note, you must get the ‘congratulatory message’ before it will work, then use your PIN to do a transaction.

‘My transaction request is ‘dumb’, no response from the system’

Cause: User’s mobile carrier is either down or not delivering text messages to their destinations. Solution: Wait for it. Most times it could still deliver the request to the server and be processed. Otherwise, check your balance first before carrying out any other transaction later.

‘I lost/changed my phone’

  • Get a new phone and download/install UnityMobile on it, then setup of your phone using same details as before, you first MUST receive the ‘congratulatory’ message. 
  • When you get the congratulatory message, use your last working PIN to do a transaction.

‘I want to change my line’

Solution: Subscriber must apply at the branch where his details were captured.

end faq

Bank Accounts

Can I open an account while outside the country?

No. Your physical presence is required for all account opening.

Is it possible to open an account in the country and operate the account while out of the country?

Yes. The account can be operated through any of our card products or internet banking solution.

How can I open a salary account?

Your company / organisation will write the bank to introduce the prospective account holder to the bank for account opening.

How long does it take before my account becomes inactive?

An account becomes dormant after 6 months of inactivity.

How long does it take to open an account with the bank?

Accounts are opened within 24 hours upon submission of all required documentation.

Do I get charged for carrying out transaction from another branch other than where my account is domiciled?

No. There is no charge for operating your account from another Unity Bank Branch.

Can I initiate transfers from my Naira account to my dollar account or dollar to my Naira account?

No. Only transfers in same currency are available.

Can I update my account details from any branch?

Yes. Account update requests can be made at any of our branches.

Must I visit my branch to request for any product or service?

No. requests can be made from any of the bank’s branches or through the Contact Centre.

How do I request for a cheque book?

The customer will need to complete a cheque book requisition slip from any branch of Unity Bank.

How long does it take for a cheque book to be processed?

Within 24 hours.

Can a customer collect a produced cheque book from another Branch?

Yes. The customer will need to give an instruction and indicate the Branch to pick up the cheque book.

When a cheque book is missing or stolen, what should be done?

The customer should immediately notify the Bank to take action against unauthorized transactions.

end faq

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